Why You Should Be Vaping Instead Of Smoking

24 Jul

Why You Should Be Vaping Instead Of Smoking

There are so many amazing vapes available out there (like the volcano) that’s it’s surprising that anyone is still smoking cigarettes instead of vapes. If you’re looking for reasons why you should make the switch or if you want to know more about why vaping is good for you, read on.

Every time you smoke a cigarette you are putting into the body a few thousand substances harmful to health and carcinogenic substances. The list of poisons is very broad, and since it is not regulated, tobacco manufacturers are not required to display it on the pack. Of course, any food has to carry a list of ingredients, other products must carry labels of composition… but from what you see, in tobacco it is not necessary. To name a few of the more damaging substances we have in our bodies when we smoke: Tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, cyanide, ammonia, methanol, arsenic and endless poisons.

The second advantage of vaping over smoking is the smell. The fragrance from cigarettes is absorbed into everything by clothes, skin, hair, body, car, home… so much so that although you may try to hide it with perfumes, mint candy, and anything you can think of, you’ll always smell bad.

However e-liquids of electronic cigarettes smell very good, and do not absorb into other objects at all, they are diluted in the environment in seconds.

Third advantage, you do not lose the taste. Tobacco causes loss of taste, and alteration in taste buds. There is no study that tells us that vaping alters flavors.

Fourth advantage, it allows you to reduce nicotine intake according to your criterion and necessity.  It is an advantage that you have the vapors, that you can choose to reduce nicotine without any effort. You can continue consuming nicotine if you wanted to while vaping, but you use liquids with the nicotine levels that you’ve decided on for your own comfort. And you can continue to use electronic cigarettes without nicotine.

Fifth advantage, no more morning cough. Tobacco contains so many substances that irritate the throat. In addition the body defends itself trying to eliminate the substances inhaled in such a way that it produces coughing and mucus when coughing.

Regular vapers do not have that morning cough. Although when you start to vape the tendency is to close your throat and cough, when you get used to it, and you go from smoking to vape, that morning cough that is so unpleasant, it disappears totally.

In conclusion, vaping is overall much better for you than smoking. Not only is it healthier, but other advantages such as scent is also in favor of vaping. For the best vaping experience, the best vape to use would be the volcano. This vape is considered to be one of the best you could possibly use. Otherwise, any regular e-cig or vape will do the job of replacing cigarettes just fine.